Bathgate – red sandstone wall

Sometimes some jobs just take a long time to go from initial contact to completion.  In this case we first met on 1 May 2012; the wall was finally completed on 1 Feb 2013!

However, there were mitigating circumstances… The client was keen for flat-bedded red sandstone, similar to the stone that is widely available in the north of England.  Unfortunately Scotland does not have so much of the red stuff, and so ensued several months of searching for suitable material.  Eventually after several twists and turns, we ended up sourcing stone from Penrith, which is in the north of England!

In the meantime, a couple of other jobs had jumped the queue as we continued to search for stone.  Building eventually started on 11 December, by which time we were at the mercy of the winter weather, ever shortening days and the Christmas break.  Thankfully the snow pretty much stayed away but we had to deal with sub-zero temperatures for several days, and this past week so much rain.

However, I think the finished article merited the wait.

The job  itself involved replacing a crumbing brick wall, making four pillars and building approximately 25m of a mix of free-standing wall and retaining wall.

Client Testimonial