This was a fun project to do.  It’s been a long time since I have built a traditional free-standing dry stone wall made from rough and ugly stone.  Around West Lothian, where I am based, this is called Whinstone – a hard, dark volcanic rock, mostly made of Dolerite.  The stone is excellent for building stone walls with, and there are miles upon miles of wall in the area made with the stuff.

Although rough and irregular, the stone does possess a certain charm.  It also provides a certain challenge to the waller to put it together.  Not to mention the weight of the stuff – being very dense, it is also very heavy too!

This job was meant to have been started in January but due to the exceptionally mild weather we had during the winter, access to the fields where the stone was being sourced was not possible.  Sometimes, you just have to wait!

All of the stone was taken from old and tumble-down walls on the neighbouring farm, so in effect we were recycling the material.



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