Capelrig Way Newton Mearns

I was commissioned by East Renfrewshire Council to build an attractive gateway to the new Capelrig Way path in Newton Mearns. The design brief called for “an attractive and high quality traditional, yet bespoke, stone wall along the boundary of the green corridor and Barrhead Road. The stonework must provide practical and attractive features, which combine robustness with a strong visual appeal and creation of unique sense of place.”

Capelrig Way dry stone art

Capelrig Way dry stone art

The design featured a paid of upward curving walls that rose out of the ground up to a height of 2.2m. The walls then curved and fell in height as they ran to the far ends of the ground. One wall featured a stone bench, and there were large stone carvings of local flora and fauna book-ending the stonework. The walls were capped with turf.

The stone came from an former tannery in Perthshire, re-purposed for the job and the carvings were by Josephine Crossland and in stone provided by Hutton Stone in Berwick.

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