Corstorphine – curved staircase and terraces

This was a challenging project.

The client wanted the original stone retaining walls that ran up the sides of their steep driveway taken down and rebuilt as they were in a poor state of repair.  They also wanted a set of stairs built at the bottom of the drive as the driveway becomes treacherously slippy in winter. And they wanted a new, larger lawn area. And some planting space but it to be low maintenance planting space. And there is a 3m rise from the road to the front door.  There was a lot to consider!

The concept and design created a set of terraces sweeping out from a focal point at the top of the drive.  Bi-secting the terraces on one side of the drive would be a long curved staircase of 16 steps, rising to meet a path running from a patio area at the clients front door.  The other side of the drive had a series of low terraces/beds to continue the curved theme but break up the steep slope.

The end result was a lovely set of curves.

Wallers – Jason Hoffman, Andrew Black, Richard Love and Ewan Allinson

Patio, lawn and major landscaping – Sam Walker of Red Oxide.