Dollar – free standing dry stone wall

Stone Inspired awarded Civic Trust award

We were very pleased to receive news that the Dollar Civic Trust had awarded Stone Inspired their bi-annual best small project award for our work at the property in Kellyburn Park, Dollar.

The assessors – from Clackmannanshire Council, Dollar Community Council and the Dollar Civic Trust – had given the following assessment of the work…

The Assessors were impressed with the workmanship and quality of finish on the wall. It makes a positive contribution to the road frontage and the owner is to be commended for undertaking the work and employing a true craftsman”.


Richard and Jason attended the Dollar Civic Trust AGM on the 27 November, where we picked up our certificates (see above).

You can read more about the  Scottish Civic Trust by following the link.

About the job

The client had a privet hedge that ran round the front of the property for a length of some 50m.  They wanted this removed partly to improve the look of the garden and partly because of the work required to maintain the hedge.

We were asked to build a free standing free standing wall that measurement 50m in length and included two square corners and eight cheek-ends, finished with rough semi-circular copes, and standing 1.2m high.

Wallers – Jason Hoffman and Richard Love.