Edinburgh – The Big One

Some jobs are just too good to turn down.  This is one of them.

The budget was always going to be tight, the design was complicated and the final work created would be a development of initial discussions. The design morphed and changed as we progressed.  New things were discovered and added. It was a process of evolution.

The garden has undergone a huge transormation with 100 tonnes of soil, brick and rubble removed.  Another forty tonnes of new stone was brought in and 40 tonnes of old stone that appeared from under the soil was kept.

Situated on the edge of the defunct Craigleith Quarry in Edinburgh, this steeply sloping garden was built on a huge pile of spoil. The ground coughed up many amazing monoliths and two fantastic slabs.   Much of this stone was too lovely to throw away, so we incorporated it into the walls.

The huge slabs became the lower steps in the two main staircases, and many of the monoliths were built into the walls to provide visual breaks.  We used the lovely random Hutton sandstone as it provided a light colour to what had been a gloomy garden.  Three terraces 1m tall rose in parallel from the back of the house.  A large staircase gives access to the top of the garden and retaining walls were given shapely curves.  A large bench was added and a second staircase added near to the garage.

As is usual, my part is finished and its now over to the landscapers to complete the work.  Images of the finished garden will be posted in due course.

Landscaping work by Spruce Garden Services –

Hutton stone supplied the stone –