Kinross – the Infinity wall

The Infinity wall was built at this property in Fife which has a lovely view over the surrounding countryside. The clients asked for a bench where they could sit to take in this view.  They also wanted something that would provide some shelter from the wind, which regularly howls across their garden!  Finally we were to build a boundary wall around the edge of the garden and patio.

So, using Swinton stone, which produces a lovely random, buff coloured stonework, we built this bench and wall.  The bench sits five people, and has a high enough back to keep the wind at bay – it now whistles over their heads!  The boundary wall measures 35.5m and rises from 0.8m in height where it joins the bench to 1.6m at the round corner. The wall was topped off with our trademark turf rather than stone copes to soften the visual impact of the large expanse of stone.

We called it the Infinity wall, as looking along the length of the long straight section, it looks as though it tapers into infinity.

Wallers – Jason Hoffman, Andrew Black, Richard Love and Euan Thompson.

Stone – 43 tonnes of Swinton Quarry sandstone from the Hutton Stone Co Ltd. Berwick.