This was an interesting example of the role of dialogue and communication when designing jobs. The clients’ approached me after chancing across the Stone Inspired web site.  They had been slowly re-designing their back garden, but the evolution process was proving to be a difficult one.  They liked the work we had been doing, and called us in!

The initial conversation was positive and the three of us bounced ideas off each other.  I went away with a design brief.  I like curves; he liked straight and square and she was somewhere in between.  I could see the space in a certain way, and produced a curving, sweeping design.  I liked it.  He hated it.  Back to the drawing board!  Sometimes the biggest challenge is translating what the clients tell you they want into something that matches (and ideally exceeds) their ideas.

In the end we agreed on a design with straight lines; square corners; lengths and heights that matched proportionally – lots of multiples of 4 and 8… It was a complicated and precise process that took a while to set out.

We then had several discussions about materials – cost vs availability vs compatibility with paving slabs/colours in the garden.  Budgets were an important consideration.

There was a lot going on in the preparation for the work, and, in the end, the build process was probably the easiest part of the job.