Murrayfield – grand staircase and retaining walls

The garden at this property in Edinburgh is in the process of undergoing a major revamp.   The original lawn ran down a shallow slope from the patio area at the back of the house to a border area at the bottom of the garden. The client was keen to level off the lawn area in order to make better use of the space.

Local landscape gardener Charlie Munro and his team did an amazing job of removing several dozen tons of soil, lowering the level of the garden by some 1.5m. Stone Inspired then came in to build a high retaining wall and two sets of steps. The wide staircase was built immediately outside the back door as the main feature of the garden.  A second narrow stair was built to one side to provide an alternative access point between the high level patio and the low level garden.

Alston stone, with its buff colour and square blocky shape, was chosen as a good match for the sandstone used in the house.  The main staircase measured 1.3m at the top, opening up to 2.5m at the base, and the retaining walls were 1.75m to the top of the copes. The subtle curves of the wall were used to contrast with the square and regular stonework of the house behind.

Wallers – Jason Hoffman and Richard Love.

Client Testimonial