The no-stone dry stone garden

I was called in by a frustrated client who was interested in my ideas for his sloped garden. A well-known garden designer had produced (and been paid) for a design which didn’t set the heather alight. The clients were clear about what they wanted, but so far hadn’t found the design that matched their ideas.

That is when I got the call.

My brief from Mrs Client was that she didn’t really like stone, so would it be possible to design the landscaping so that she couldn’t see it from the house?  I did point out that I was a dry stone waller and my work usually involved stone, but I would see what I could do. The brief from Mr Client was that he did like stone and wanted to make a feature of it. He is a keen gardener and knew what he wanted with the planting but needed some help understanding the hard landscaping.

I came over, waved my arms a bit; pointed at the garden some; and enthused about what we could do. I then went home and drew a pencil sketch as I realised I was making little sense.

And so I built this (with some help from Steven Rowe of SR Landscaping).