The Nookie Wall, Edinburgh.

Continuing my theme of complicated garden landscaping jobs, the Nookie wall, as I called it, was a challenging build.

Starting off, we had 10 tonnes of material that had to be carried through the house by hand. The double yellow lines outside of the property meant that I had to park the van 20 minutes walk away. It was a pain when you’d forgotten to bring something! Building in a city centre is never easy.

Then there was the demolition of the existing masonry wall which took twice as long as planned;  the repairs to the foundations of part of the house that was buried behind the old masonry retaining wall, and finally the excavation of the hole.

All this in the usual cold, wet and windy weather of December.

Being a small area – only 3m by 2.5m, it was important to plan how to fit all of the elements together – the stairs to give access to the garden; the bench with space for three small kids and two adults; the dry stone retaining wall to hold the earth bank; and the nooks for added features.

However, it turned out ok…

There is further landscaping work due to take place in the Spring.

Thanks to Steven Rowe of SR Landscaping for the paving work.