Olivebank Children’s Centre – Musselburgh

This was an interesting project.

I was approached in August 2011 by the Theresa Casey Consultancy to discuss designing a dry stone garden feature for the Olivebank Children’s Centre in Musselburgh. Theresa was helping the school to use lottery funding to develop their garden. Phase 1 of this had seen community involvement build a huge sandpit, paths and a bridge.  Phase 2 was tasked with creating an interesting use of a 6m by 6m area of the garden.

This is where Stone Inspired came in.  Our design provided a multi-use area, creating a space that could be used for story telling as well as play.  A dry stone structure was seen as an ideal material due to the tactile nature of the stone.  Rather than discouraging the children from climbing as we’d usually do, we built the walls to be extra wide and covered in turf in order to encourage climbing, crawling and walking.  The humps, turns and ramps would be good to sit, roll and walk on.  A round table was placed in the middle for story time or just putting things on.  Two tunnels made from water pipes were built in for exploring and hiding. Children and teachers alike will be expected to crawl through them!

An intertesting project indeed…

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