Scottish Borders


With this job the client had a difficult-to-use spot in his garden that we transformed with a semi-sunken bench area. In addition to the bench, they asked that a sloping area of the garden could be built up to make some more usuable space.

We decided to use some old stone supplied by Border Aggregates which had come from a dismantled field dyke. The stone was a close match to the miles of walls in this part of the Scottish Borders. It was incredibly rough and random in nature, so was fun to work with.

We built a quarter circle bench, patio area, three sets of steps, some retaining walls and a firepit. Using what is becoming a Stone Inspired style, we completed the walls with a thick layer of turf. The turf performs the same function of shedding rain water and weighing down the wall as semi-circular copes. However, we also use it as a feature in its own right. It can be planted up with wild flowers . In terms of this garden, the turf provides further colour to go with the stone and the paving.