Wonky Wall

“Does it have to be straight, because I’ve had an idea of something different that you might like”   Thus the Wonky Wall was conceived.

I’ll let the clients take up the story….

“We’d already been working with Jason Hoffman/Stone Inspired, on and off for about a year re-designing our back garden at Collessie, Fife.  We’d moved into the house in a small village in North East Fife about 9 years before but had done nothing to the garden.   Until now.   I had originally thought of going on a dry stone walling course myself and building walls as a way of chilling out but decided against it in favour of keeping up the day job and paying a professional to build the walls.  I came across Stone Inspired’s website and was very impressed with the details of previous projects and so began our collaboration.”

“The first stage in the project has been to replace and re-design dry stone terraces at the back of the house joining two areas by a grand staircase.  We were given a choice of stone but I was happy to defer to whatever Jason advised would look best.  He went for reddish Crieff stone from demolished buildings.    Jason has added in nice little design touches to the terraces, like a seat for a coffee (or G&T) and small steps up to the terrace level.   Then came a sweeping, curved, uphill, 30m free standing wall.  The wall loos fantastic, especially when it is lit up at night and you can really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into building it.  I can, and do, spend hours admiring it.”

“Then came the wonky wall. Last year we planted 20 or so apple trees in what is planned to be an orchard extension to the existing garden.  I had always intended creating some form of barrier between this new orchard and what is essentially just a field. The eastern side of the orchard is bounded by the Collessie burn, on the opposite side of which is a public right of way from Collessie to Lindores Loch.    I had originally thought maybe just a fence but was carried away, sorry, persuaded, by Jason to consider another free standing wall, in a different stone his time, two different, but complimentary stones actually, Hutton and Denny stone. ”

“Then came the suggestion of something “not quite straight”.  Jason did come up with some preliminary drawings but the design has pretty much evolved in his head; all I have done is indulge and encourage him.   Oh, and pay him of course.  It has been a great pleasure to see the wall evolve.   I love the fact that the stonework changes from horizontal to diagonal and with the occasional obelisk and other “quirky” twists and turns.    We’ve added in a few sayings and stone carvings into the wall, including a fantastic Green Man by Andy Black at the back of a stone circle with an oak bench which will have great views of what will be a formal sunken garden (with obligatory dry stone retaining walls of course).   From the outset it was Jason’s suggestion that the wonky wall should be topped with turf, rather than coping stones.  He’s added in irrigation between the sods of turf and this works great.  Our intention is to plant wild flowers in the turf which I think will be the finishing touch.

Client Testimonial