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All initial dry stone walling consultations and estimates are free.

I am often asked “how does a dry stone wall cost?”  Like string, it’s not really possible to answer this as there are so many variables – what is to be built; where is it to be built; what is the access like; what stone do you like and so on.

So, we prefer organising site visits before providing clients with quotes. This allows us to have a dialogue on your requirements, and make recommendations of what is possible to match your ideas. We will also take measurements, make an assessment of the ground conditions and topography, and assess the access requirements for bringing in any additional stone that may be required for the job.

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If you would like to arrange a visit, you can contact us by calling Jason on 07880 761487, using the email address below, or by submitting your contact details together with a summary of your requirements using the contact form.

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