Site Visits, Quotes and Estimates

All initial dry stone walling site visits and consultations are free.

How much does a dry stone wall cost?”

When you consider stone and delivery costs, preparation work, not to mention building, moving and tidying up, there’s too many variables to accurately provide ball-park figures. This is why I always prefer a site visit to have a discussion about the project.

As well as taking measurements, assessing ground conditions and topography, and checking out for access issues, having a dialogue with the customer about what they want AND being to see the location of the planned for stone work is an essential.

Where possible, we will always quote for the work. A drawing or design will be included if required. Any additional work or unknown costs will be listed and explained.

If it is not possible to provide a quote, an estimate with clearly stated parameters will be given.

Multiple site visits prior to quoting

Very occasionally more than one visit will be required before it is possible to provide a quote. In these unusual cases, I’ll give guidance on extra costs. Issues that might incur a cost would include excessive travelling time to and from the site. I would expect the prospective client to pay for my time before a second visit. If the job proceeds, this cost would be included in the final bill. If the quote is not accepted, then I will have received some compensation for my time.

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