Sometimes the small jobs are the most satisfying ones.  This little job in Edinburgh took two days of building time and one day of dismantling.

Like many gardens in the city, this one had a low retaining wall made up of spare stone, presumably left by the house builders.  And there are thousands of retaining walls like this one – sort of falling over because they don’t have enough stone in them for strength.  Time, and the pressure of the earth behind, is slowly pushing them out.

The client wanted the wall rebuilt and maybe raised a bit higher.  I knew that we needed more stone, and so asked if they go round their neighbours and check to see if they had any going spare.  The thoery being that most gardens have a small pile of unwanted, unused and unloved stone lying in some corner.  Sure enough when I came to start work, there must have been an extra 2 tonnes!

The weather was great (it was March and I was working in my shorts!), the coffee was flowing and bacon rolls were provided!  Like I said, a satisfying job…