Water feature and garden landscaping – Edinburgh

  • Water feature
  • Dry stone wall and garden
  • Dry stone wall and garden
  • Dry stone wall and garden
  • Dry stone moongate and water feature
  • Dry stone wall and garden

Project Description

This Edinburgh garden landscaping job involved taking a very dank and unused garden and transforming it into a beautiful space.

The key requirements were for a stone wall high enough to hide the wooden fence and a paved area; the water feature was added to the design in order to break up the mass of stonework. Once construction  began, the features such as the circular planter, the three nooks with differing stone backdrops and the shelves for plant pots were added. I guess it was quite an organic build.

It was the first time I’ve built a moongate and the first project involving water.  All in all, a fun job and so much learned about landscaping a garden.

In all 24 tonnes of Alston stone were used, and 45m2 of paving.

Paving by Steven Rowe of SR Landscaping.

Stone and paving by Border Aggregates.

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