Fancy bench and curved dry stone wall – Edinburgh

  • Dry stone bench with recesses for candles, Edinburgh
  • Dry stone walls under construction
  • Dry stone bench and paving
  • Dry stone bench and paving with large cap stone
  • Dry stone bench and paving
  • Dry stone walls under construction
  • Putting together the large stones for the bench
  • Day 1 of building
  • The garden before the start of the project

Project Info

Project Description

Edinburgh – dry stone seating area

We built this dry stone bench and paved seating area in August and September 2018. It was both a fairly simple project in terms of the design and a complex one in terms of the build.

The idea was to provide an enclosed space for the family to sit outside. The wall would be highest where the bench was built to provide support and shelter. The large sweeping curve would fall in height to a square pillar and step to give access to the driveway and the garden.

The bench stones are cantilevered to make it appear as though the bench projects straight out from the free-standing wall that supports it.

There are two arched recesses and three small candle recesses made to create visual appear and break up the stonework.

The Alston stone and Indian sandstone paving was supplied by Border Aggregates of Kelso; and the large cap stone used on the pillar by CED Scotland.

Jason put in a lot hard work to get desired result in what we wanted. We are very happy: obviously he is top class with what he does, and very knowledgeable. We would recommend him very much. Anyone who has seen our wall is very impressed. We are absolutely delighted.

Rab and Cathy Kerr