Garden stone wall, Edinburgh

  • Garden stone wall in Edinburgh
  • Garden stone wall in Edinburgh
  • Garden stone wall in Edinburgh
  • Garden stone wall in Edinburgh
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  • Garden stone wall
  • Large stone cap stones

Project Description

This garden stone wall in Edinburgh was built to hide a block work wall. The property had been severly flooded on two occasions in the past few years. To combat this, the client had built the block work built to act as a water barrier.

The client called in Stone Inspired to build a dry stone type wall to hide the block wall with stone. After several discussions in the weeks leading up to the start of the job over the stone type and cap stones vs cope stones, we plumped for Ladycross stone with flat caps.  Our original choice of Alston stone was not available, but after “discovering” Ladycross Quarry on Instagram, we opted to used their sandstone.

The garden stone wall is mortared, but it was built to look dry. A lot of care and attention was spent ensuring that virtually all of the mortar is hidden.  Ladycross Quarry near Hexham, Northumberland supplied the stone.  We used approximately 6 tonnes of stone plus 15m of big, heavy cap stones.

A large quantiry of the stone had sawn faces which required dressing with a chisel.  This proved to be time-consuming.  And the cap stones were very heavy with some weighing over 100kg.

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Client feedback

The dry stone wall has transformed our garden and made something whose main intended purpose was functional into a really attractive feature. Our friends referred to the wall as a ‘work of art’. Jason is a master of his craft!