The Cat bench and circular path – Fife

  • Bench and path
  • Dry stone bench with turf top and path
  • Stone pitched path
  • Bench and path
  • Pitched stone path

Project Description

Fife – dry stone bench and pitched paving

This was a Covid lockdown dry stone project, made in April 2020 during the early phase of the Covid pandemic when work was in short supply and all the stone suppliers were closed.  Thankfully I was still able to travel for work – the big problem was that there was nothing available to build with.

Except for the pile of leftover Alston and Denny sandstone from a couple of previous jobs on this property in Fife.

The client was keen to have a bench built at the location of the burial spot of a favourite cat, and we came up with a design that sat well in the long grass.

As well as the leftover stone, there was a job lot of Caithness setts that we decided to use to create a pitched stone path to complete the circle. This was added in June 2020.

The apple tree marks the grave of the family cat, and the bench is set in long grass and cowslip in the garden as a place of contemplation.

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