Kirknewton sandstone, oak and turf bench

This was a fun, creative project to do.

The original spec was to build a dry stone bench in the garden. Where in the garden was open for debate.  As was the size.  And the shape.  And the stone.  And so the project gestated for a couple of months whilst I worked  on another couple of proects.

Once I started, the design kind of morphed as we went along.  The client was donated stone from the Highland Show, and that led to some design ideas. The oak seat was added to the idea pile and accepted.  The round planters were added as the job went along, and finally the turf was put on top (literally!).

Meanwhile, the delivery of extra stone that we needed resulted in a huge amount of waste stone dust.  A use for this, and the leftover copes from the Highland Show build, was found in the wildflower meadow we created.

It definitely helps having good clients where the design ideas are vague and sketchy, and the final build comes a long way from the original discussion.

Client Testimonial