Slamannan boulder and turf topped wall

  • Dry stone and turf topped wall
  • Dry stone wall with entrance
  • Dry stone wall with turf top
  • Mortared gate pillar
  • Dry stone cheek-end
  • Lily the dog
  • Cheeky chicken
  • Dry stone walling in winter
  • Big stone boulders
  • Winter working

Project Info

Project Description

This job was started in the early winter of 2016 and ran onto June! Although it was very cold for much of the first few weeks, the snow thankfully mostly stayed away. It was a big job in its own right, but made much harder by the ski injury I suffered in late Feb. Working and moving big stones with a torn ACL was never going to be easy!

The job involved the taking down and re-construction of some 45m of free-standing wall with the addition of two gate pillars and a new gate. A carved house name sign was also included. The stone was a mix of round whinstone and more regular sandstone which made for some interesting shapes and patterns. Due to the lack of suitable copes we used turf to top off the walls. I was able to use lime mortar for the first time in the construction of the pillars – it’s always good to learn a new skill!

There was some regular company from the clients dog Lily and their various chickens!