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Back in October and November the tabloid newspapers were been all doom and gloom about how this winter was going to be the worst on record with plunging temperatures, ice, snow and generally extreme cold.

Repair to dry stone wall

Not good working conditions…

Winter blast to hit the UK blown in from the Arctic: Forecasters warn of icy blast as tranquil autumn finally gives way to freezing cold weatherscreamed the the Daily Mail in mid November 2013…

But it’s not quite worked out that way. The winter of 2013/14 has so far been unseasonal.

The snow hasn’t arrived (yet), the temperatures have hardly got below freezing in Central Scotland, and even better the usually hibernating clients have been looking at their gardens and are continuing to get in touch.

Usually both work and new enquiries die away with the last of the flowers in the garden. As temperatures move towards zero, so the number of client enquiries fall to the same number. Usually I hope to have enough work organised in advance to tide me over ’til the Spring. Last year was hard going with one job that I worked part-time on to keep me going until the end of January when the work started to trickle in again. I then had a job in a cold and damp garden that tested my endurance. It was not fun 🙁

Dry stone corral

More of this please

So far (and I say that with fingers crossed) the temperatures have remained well above freezing and the clients are getting in touch. I am even hopeful that this is going to be a bumper year with several interesting and potential juicy jobs on the horizon.

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