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Work/Life unbalance

I like working for myself.   It has many advantages: the best is being in charge of my own time.

But sometimes work has a way of creeping up on you and essentially taking over your life.  Lately its done it big style.  Cancelling holidays because of work is not good.

There is something desperate about working for yourself.  When work is quiet, you crave enquiries.  When work is busy, you work long hours to get the current job done and the next one started.  When you go see a new job the client ALWAYS want you to start tomorrow (and you try to accommodate them).

Even when jobs are confirmed and pencilled into the diary, there is always a worry about the work drying up.  Cash flow is an ever present concern.  Planning life is difficult. When the sun shines, you want to make hay (or at least build). Work seeps into waking thoughts (and even sometimes sleeping ones too).  If I am not building, I am writing estimates and quotes (or feeling guilty because I am not doing them).  Or thinking I should be doing my accounts or writing something for my web site or posting on FB to keep my search engine ranking high.

I look at people like my clients with salaried jobs and am envious that they get to finish work and go home.  They get holidays.

Whats the solution?  I keep telling myself to stick to a definite work schedule of 8.30am to 5.00pm.  Take one day a fortnight to do the home stuff.  Switch off at night.  Don’t answer the phone after 6pm.  Don’t sit up writing quotes at midnight.  Somehow it doesn’t work out this way…

Any ideas?



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