Dry stone walling and garden landscaping

Stone Inspired Ltd is an award-winning Scottish garden landscaping company. We specialise in using traditional dry stone walling techniques in contemporary garden design and landscaping projects.

We work closely with clients building a variety of dry stone walls and features including raised beds, steps and staircases, retaining walls, terraces, benches, boundary walls, pizza ovens, arches and much much more! The showcase page highlights some of the best of our recent projects.

The UK has a wide variety of stone types available for building. We work closely with three suppliers of sandstone, reclaimed building stone and dolerite/whinstone for many of our projects. We are happy to use stone supplied by the client, as long as there is suffiecient quantity and quality.

Dry stone walling raised bed

Dry stone raised bed

The stone we build with is an amazingly adaptable material that offers many benefits. These include design flexibility, strength, durability and beauty. It is an eco-friendly product, requiring no mortar or cement to bond it. The techniques that we use are almost as ancient as the stone we build with!  It does not require extensive foundations to build upon – usually literally straight off the ground is good enough.

Dry stone walls are very long lasting and require very little maintenance.  For our gardening clients, dry stone retaining walls are free-draining making them an excellent option over brick and block-work walls.  They provide habitat for insects – bumble bees especially love the nooks that the stonework provides. Many clients have used the spaces in the stones to plant hardy alpines – stone walls make for natural rockeries.

Stone Inspired Ltd is based in the Lothians, but our work takes in a wide sweep through Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Lanarkshire, Perthshire and the Scottish Borders.  We predominately work for private clients but have worked for East Lothian and Clackmannanshire councils as well as main contractors. You can contact us on 07880 761487, by email or through our contact form. No job is too small (or too big!)

We are members of the Dry Stone Walling Association.