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Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue

I love the movie Airplane – a brilliant spoofing of the 70s disaster films and the creator of a 1000 memes on social media. Lloyd Bridges air traffic controller Steve McCroskey’s response as the tension builds is the best.


My rehabilitation from the injuries I sustained in the bike crash in March 2019 has been a long one. The choice I made in April last year of immobilising the hand in plaster cast rather than having surgery turned out to be the wrong one. That set me back several months. Waiting for scans and surgery dates was frustrating but that’s what you get with the NHS. Then to finally get a December surgery date only for it to be cancelled the day before was really dishertening.

Back to square one

Another date in February was offered but that wasn’t suitable, so I finally got a date at the end of March.  By the time I was fixed, it would have been August!


In the meantime my hand was feeling much better – not perfect but a lot less pain than when I first broke it. I’ve been working at the gym with a PT and getting some regular massage on the shoulder. I’ve felt much stronger physically to get back to it. 

So in early March, after much contemplation, I decided to cancel the operation and plan to get back to beating stones for a living. For the duration of my time off work, I have been receiving payment from my income protection policy. As of the mid-March I had confirmation of two decent sized jobs and so with projects in the pipeline and clients happy for me to work around my recovery, I decided to end my insurance payments and go back to work on 30 March.


Which was just in time for the Covid-19 pandemic to close construction sites, stone suppliers yards and place restrictions on travel! I couldn’t have timed it better!

So now I have no insurance money, no work and no income and no end to the restrictions in sight, I guess I picked the wrong week to go back to work… Hilarious, huh?!

…this is not the End

However, just before disaster struck, a long term client and a friend came forward and offered me two small jobs to do that should sustain me financially for a couple of months. I don’t need to give up drinking just yet 🙂

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