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The joys of the season

Well, another year is nearly done and everyone is getting ready to down tools, turn-off their computers, file the last of the paperwork, and head home for a well earned two weeks rest.

Well, nearly everyone…

The arrival of winter is strange time for me. Eight years ago Scotland was in the third week of the coldest and snowiest winter in living memory. Roads were blocked with ice and snow. Quarries were shut down (with 40 tonnes of stone I needed delivered) and I was twiddling my thumbs, unable to get to work. I think it was about now, that I just decided to stop getting up early, hoping to head to work. In fact it would be another 4 weeks before I could get building again.

So every year, I am more interested in the weather than the Christmas holidays. I know that once the snow arrives, working becomes difficult and unpleasant. So until it arrives, I like to keep working.

I have a fair amount on too, so I am ploughing on with two jobs on the go and a third ready to go.

As good as it would be to stop for a few days, I can’t afford to stop. The weather is still pretty mild in Central Scotland, so apart from a bit of rain and short working days, I can keep on keeping on.

I’ll take two days off on the 25th and 26th, and then its back to it.

And unlike anyone on a salary, I don’t get paid when I don’t work.

Bah humbug? You bet I am!

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