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Before and after – transforming gardens with dry stone hard landscaping

This post is about showcasing some of the work Stone Inspired has done over the years. I take a lot of progress pictures and it’s good to see the transformation of the garden space with the addition of our stone work.

Edinburgh drystone bench and seating area

The clients for this job wanted a new patio with seating built outside their conservatory. The brick walls were removed and the ground was dug back to provide the space. I then made a tall dry stone wall that wrapped around the area. At the tallest section large stones were cantilvered from the wall and recesses were built in for candles or glasses/bottles.

There is more information about this job here.

Glasgow small seating area in the front garden

The clients live in a stone tenement in the Hyndland area of Glasgow. Their front garden was mostly unused space and they wanted some definition to it. We came up with a design to incorporate planters, seating, steps and some paving.

There is more information about this job here.

Edinburgh seating area and pizza oven

In this unloved corner of the garden, this client had grand ideas to make a sunken seating area. He was also keen on having a pizza oven installed. So this is what we came up with.

There is more information about this job here.

Edinburgh dry stone bench

The long-established heathers in this garden in the Corstorphine area of the city were proving to be something of an eye-sore for the clients. They provided a lot of volume and no longer added anything to the garden. The clients were keen to regain the space and make use of the area with some pretty stone work. So this is what we built.

Edinburgh re-used stone

The clients were looking for a garden makeover after living for several years with old, crumbling walls and various levels and beds that were disjointed and lacked cohesion. We re-used all of the existing stone to create new, fresh raised beds and added three sets of steps and a bench. The grand set of steps was created as a visual focal point.

There is more information about this job here.

Scottish Borders raised beds and steps

The sleepers used in the original garden build several years ago had started to rot away. So out came the wood and in came the much more durable stone.

There is more information about this job here.

Edinburgh patio and water feature

This was a particularly shady and unloved corner of a large garden in Edinburgh. The client wanted to reclaim it and create a pleasant space. The high walls were built to hide ugly wooden fences, and the new paving freshened the area. The water feature provided the focus.

Eskbank seat and steps

This was just a case of transforming an earth bank into a stone feature. Easy.

There is more information about this job here.

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