Pro-landscaper magazine

Pro-landscaper article A garden designed by Carolyn Grohman, and built by Watergems has made the front cover of this month’s Pro-Landscaper, a UK garden design and landscaping industry magazine. Why is this of news? Well, because Stone Inspired built the wee bit of dry stone wall behind the pergola shown... Read More

The winter break

In the old B.S. days (before self-employment), the Christmas and New Year break used to be something to look forward to. Two weeks paid leave away from work: from the phone and the in-tray; from clients with their problems; from the looming deadlines, the endless team meetings and from colleagues... Read More

A review of 2012 – Part 2

Following on from part 1 of the review of the jobs of 2012, here is part two. Highlights include our first arch and a long stretch of boundary wall. July 2012 Scottish Borders – stone circle I helped Edinburgh dry stone waller Richard Love build this circular raised bed for... Read More

A review of 2012 – part 1

2012 has been a busy year for Stone Inspired. We have been lucky to have worked with many wonderful clients who have involved us in their garden projects.  Of the 20 jobs we were involved in, 18 were for private clients, and the only exception being the small bit of... Read More

BALI Award winning garden 2012

At the the recent BALI Landscaping award ceremony held in London this garden won the award for Domestic Garden Construction – Construction cost btwn £30 – £60k. Working under the direction of designer Carolyn Grohman and landscapers Watergems, Stone Inspired built the small piece of dry stone retaining wall in this garden... Read More

Who do you work for?

I work in quite a solitary profession; I usually work alone with just the stone at hand; my hammer and chisels; the finished article in my head and maybe some sketches or rough drawings to hand; I am aware that there are others working on similar projects in other parts... Read More

Homes and interiors magazine article

A garden created in Fife by the Edinburgh Garden Designer Carolyn Grohman, – which included some stone work built by Stone Inspired – was featured in the July/August issue of Homes and Interiors Scotland magazine. The landscaping was done by Watergems, who were recently given a prestigious  BALI National Landscape award, for... Read More

More before and after shots!

In my last post I put up lots of progress pics from the recent job in Carlops.  This time, I’ve put together some more before and after images to show the amazing difference that a bit of stone work can make to landscape or garden. Alva Glen – Queen’s Diamond... Read More

Before, during and after

I usually take lots of pictures when I am working to record how the job is progressing.  Usually I just post them to my Stone Inspired Facebook page  to keep my followers updated with what I am building. After looking through the pictures I had taken of my recent job in... Read More

Weather to work or weather not to work

The people of Great Britain are renowned for their love of talking about the weather.  Its almost a national pastime!  Well, for me as a working waller, over the past couple of years it has becoming something of a sore point.  The weather that is, not the talking about it.... Read More

So what can you build with dry stone?

For those in the know, dry stone is an amazing building material. Using nothing to bind it, bar the way the stones are placed together by the skill of the waller, there is a huge variety of structures and features that can created. Traditional dry stone walling in the UK was all about building... Read More