A hard year of lessons

To be honest, 2015 was a difficult year work-wise. I was definitely spoiled in 2014 with some amazing projects: the Moongate water-feature, the Kirknewton and Dunbar benches and the Recessed Arch were some of the great projects I had. 2015 didn’t work out quite the same… Let me state from the... Read More

Injuries and the pain of working

I’ve not posted one of my rambling collection of thoughts for a while…so… Despite doing a physical job, lugging rocks about the place, hitting rocks with hammers and chisels and lots of manual handling, I’ve not had any major injuries before.  A sore back a couple of times, a sore thumb... Read More

Social Media and the efforts to self-promote

For those of you who know me, I’ve used this web site as my primary source of work since I took up dry stone walling as a professional. My background in web design and web marketing was a big help when I started. Building a web site to showcase my... Read More


Back in October and November the tabloid newspapers were been all doom and gloom about how this winter was going to be the worst on record with plunging temperatures, ice, snow and generally extreme cold. “Winter blast to hit the UK blown in from the Arctic: Forecasters warn of icy... Read More

A review of dry stone walling in 2013 – part 2

After finally finishing the big job in Edinburgh in June, I spent the following three months getting stuck into three fairly decent sized jobs – and doing lots of miles of driving. I shouldn’t complain as it’s good to be busy. July 2013 Scottish Borders – Low retaining walls and... Read More

Work/Life unbalance

I like working for myself.   It has many advantages: the best is being in charge of my own time. But sometimes work has a way of creeping up on you and essentially taking over your life.  Lately its done it big style.  Cancelling holidays because of work is not good.... Read More